feel and look good while supporting local artisans.

We set up Oum & Co, to rejuvenate the art and craft of handmade silver jewellery in Marrakech by collaborating with skilled and renowned silversmiths in the Medina, and working with them to bring fresh new ideas to life.
We are fully aware of the current environmental issues, and in this respect, we use exclusively recycled silver and organic and fine stones, and opt for eco-friendly packaging. The essence of Oum & Co is the people we collaborate with, the planet that is our home, and the fervent passion of jewellery design and making that drives and inspires us.



That thrilling sensation of buying yourself a one-of-a-kind piece of silver jewellery that you cannot take your eyes off; the design, the finishing, the colour of the stone, its reflection in the sunlight and how it shines… that’s what we are aiming for, that’s what we’re driven by.
Since I was little, I always used to spend my weekends in my father’s boutique of vintage watches next to silver jewellery shops in the labyrinthine that is the medina of Marrakech. On my ninth birthday, my father offered me a Tuareg (traditional Amazigh or Berber) ring, shaped like a spaceship, it had its own meaning in Tuareg culture but also for me as a gift from my father. Ever since that day, my interest has been in Tuareg, Berber silver jewellery and fine stones, be it rings necklaces, earrings, pendants, or bracelets… as a young Moroccan I wanted to bring a more modern fresh twist to these ancient totems.
Now I am sharing my passion with you at the Oum & Co e-shop, you can buy individual designs off the shelf or can design something especially for you – all with the Oum & Co signature design and knowledge of the culture and jewellery of Morocco.
Feel and look good while supporting local artisans.

100% Artisan Handmade in Morocco

Authentic 925° Sterling Silver

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