Our Story

RIAD ZITOUN™ is a Lifestyle Brand and Concept Store based in Marrakech, Morocco.
We specialize in Cosmetics, Interior Design and Fashion, all our products are unique and artisan handmade.

Actually RIAD ZITOUN is a popular street in the old city of Marrakech.
In Moroccan dialect means “The House with Olive Trees Garden”;
No house in Morocco devoid of Handmade Decor and Olive Oil.

We began with a simple idea: To give small artisans dignified job opportunities and involve them in the Co-creation Value by making a unique selection of products that Riad Zitoun’s customers would buy.

RIAD ZITOUN Online Store providing everything you need to turn your Home into a typical Moroccan House “Riad”.

We use Wellness, Design and Fashion to drive positive change in the world by inspiring customers to live meaningful lives.
Simply, Marrakech into your Home.

"By Personally traveling the world, Discovering new cultures and using local materials, I recognize that the best thing I can do is to use Moroccan materials and touch to make products that everybody around the world would buy, especially people who didn’t get a chance to visit Morocco and Marrakech."

How We Do It

To Offer you fairly-priced products, RIAD ZITOUN took the direct-to-consumer approach.
We’re obsessed with keeping our supply, distribution and advertising costs to a bare minimum, this allows us to pass far greater saving on to you.


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General Questions: support@riadzitoun.com
Business & Press: business@riadzitoun.com

Whatsapp: +1 (479) 777 52 51